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Computer Numerical Control - Advanced Certificate

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Program Code: CTA.35864

As a CNC Machine Tool Programmer/Operator, you will use computer driven machine tools such as lathes, mills, lasers, water jet, wire and/or sinker electrical discharge machines, tube benders, punches, brakes, and grinders to shape materials to precise dimensions. Although some programmer/operators can work with a wide variety of CNC machine tools, most specialize in one or two types. Specific duties may include: studying blueprints or sketches; building tooling, jigs, or fixtures; programming and editing; machine work pieces; inspecting and certifying product for dimensional accuracy; and light duty repair and maintenance of the CNC machine. Many of the CNC courses listed below require prior basic machine tool work experience and/or high school or skill center classes in basic machine tools.

Total Semester Credits: 9

Winter First Year:

Total Semester Credits: 9

Total Semester Credits: 11

Winter Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 8

Fall Third Year:

Total Semester Credits: 4

Winter Third Year:

Total Semester Credits: 4

Total Credits: 45


  1. A grade of “C” (2.0) or higher is required in all courses for the certificate.
  2. CAD 120  (or SKCA 120 ) and CNC 225  (or SKCN 225 ) are Key courses and must be completed within 5 years of completing certificate. Failure to complete within the stated time frame will require you to repeat this course. See Graduation Requirements .
  3. File an application for an associate or dual degree and/or certificate with the Registrar’s Office by at least 3 months prior to expected graduation. See Graduation Requirements .
  4. Delta College reserves the right to modify graduation requirements.
    1. SKTR 113  can be taken in place of MS 113  
    2. SKDR 101  can be taken in place of DRF 121  
    3. SKMA 103  or any approved Intermediate Algebra course can be taken in place of MTH 119W  
    4. SKCA 120  can be taken in place of CAD 120  
    5. SKTR 181W  can be taken in place of MS 181W  
    6. SKCN 162  can be taken in place of CNC 162  
    7. SKTR 183  can be taken in place MS 120  
    8. SKDR 128  can be taken in place of DRF 128  
    9. SKTR 182  can be taken in place of MS 182  
    10. SKCN 216  can be taken in place of CNC 216  
    11. SKCN 225  can be taken in place of CNC 225  
    12. SKCN 260  can be taken in place of CNC 260  
    13. SKCN 285W  can be taken in place of CNC 285W  

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Delta College

Undergraduate certificate in Computer Numerical Control - Advanced Certificate
Program Length: 18 months

Students graduating on time

0% of Title IV students complete the program within 18 months1

Program Costs*

$5,688 for in-state tuition and fees

$8,938 for out-of-state tuition and fees

$2,250 for books and supplies

$6,183 for off-campus room and board

Other Costs:

Additional program equipment, materials, or required testing fees; approximately $15

Visit website for more program cost information

*The amounts shown above include costs for the entire program, assuming normal time to completion.
Note that this information is subject to change.

Students Borrowing Money

25% of students who attend this program borrow money to pay for it2

The typical graduate leaves with

N/A* in debt3

The typical monthly loan payment

N/A* per month in student loans with N/A* interest rate4.

The typical graduate earns

Not provided per year after leaving this program5

Graduates who got jobs

50% of program graduates got jobs according to the state job placement rate7

Program graduates are employed in the following fields:

Metal Workers and Plastic Workers, All Other

Licensure Requirements6

There are no licensure requirements for this profession in:


Additional Information:

No additional notes provided.

Date Created: 6/15/2017

These disclosures are required by the U.S. Department of Education


  1. The share of students who completed the program within 100% of normal time (18 months).

  2. The share of students who borrowed Federal, private, and/or institutional loans to help pay for college.

  3. The median debt of borrowers who completed this program. This debt includes federal, private, and institutional loans.

  4. The median monthly loan payment for students who completed this program if it were repaid over ten years at a NA* interest rate.

  5. The median earnings of program graduates who received Federal aid.

  6. Some States require students to graduate from a state approved program in order to obtain a license to practice a profession in those States.

  7. State Job Placement Rate:

    Name of the state this placement rate is calculated for:


    Follow the link below to find out who is included in the calculation of this rate:


    What types of jobs were these students placed in?

    The job placement rate includes completers hired for: Any jobs

    Positions that recent completers were hired for include: n/a

    When were the former students employed?

    This rate is based on program completers who were already employed or were employed within six months of completion

    How were completers tracked?

    Graduation application survey and follow up survey

  8. Accreditor Job Placement Rate: N/A

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