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Course Information

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Courses listed in this catalog are those which Delta College is approved to offer; however, inclusion of a course does not obligate the College to offer the course in any particular semester or year. Most of the courses listed will be offered at least once during a complete academic year. Course offerings are listed on Search for Classes by semester. Courses in this catalog are listed in alphabetical order by department name.

Course Credits

  1. Each course is assigned a number of credits which generally indicates the number of hours per week the course meets. Courses with labs and occupational courses, however, generally meet more hours than the number of credits they carry.
  2. Tuition rates are assessed on a per-credit-hour basis, and vary depending on your residency classification. Total tuition for each course must be paid at registration time.

Course Descriptions

  1. Below each course number and title, a brief course description is provided. You should read this description carefully to be sure you are qualified to take the course and that the course content meets your needs and interests. If you need additional information, you may contact the Chair of the Division which offers the course or the course instructor.
  2. Instructors often give supplemental course information (i.e., course outline, syllabus, tasks and competencies, etc.), during the first week of classes, so students will know specific course procedures, grading criteria, and course objectives. Circumstances such as illness, inclement weather, class composition and size, or the introduction of timely material may necessitate some adjustments. The College recognizes the right of the faculty member to exercise professional judgment in making such adjustments.

Hours of Instruction

The numbers given for lecture and lab hours following each course description indicate the total number of hours the course will be scheduled within a semester.

Course Numbering System

All Delta College academic courses have a three-to-five character course number. WebAdvisor (MyDelta), Search for Classes, which is available online prior to each semester, lists courses in alphabetical order by subject area name according to these course numbers.

  1. Courses below 100 are considered developmental and do not meet graduation requirements.
  2. Courses within the 100-199 series generally represent freshman  level courses; however, these courses may also be taken by sophomores.
  3. Courses within the 200-389 series are intended primarily for sophomores; however, these courses may be taken by freshmen having the necessary prerequisites.
  4. Courses within the 290-299 series designate special courses as follows: 291 Independent Study (arranged on an individual basis between student and faculty member, see Independent Study Course Information  ); 292-299 Special Topics/Seminars (such courses will be offered as regular courses upon demand or to meet the special needs of some programs, except ACE courses).

Course Designations

Courses designated by an “H” (for Honors), “C” (for courses that require co-registration in another course), and “W” (for Writing), are considered course variations of a regular course and incorporate the same course content. Course variations are considered equal in meeting graduation requirements and prerequisites. Lab courses designated by an “L” are not considered a course variation.


Honors courses incorporate all regular course content with greater emphasis on enrichment and active involvement in the learning process.  Students in Honors courses learn and apply diverse concepts developing a thorough understanding of the theoretical base of the subject matter.  Students can expect to engage course material in a self-directed manner, through critical and creative thinking.  Honors courses are designated on your transcripts with the “H” designation, while Honors Options are designated on your transcript with a “+” designation.  Honors students who meet certain eligibility criteria will be assigned priority registration.  Visit the Honors website for additional information.

Course Prerequisites

Prerequisites listed below the course descriptions are courses which must be taken or skill levels which must be met before enrolling in the course. Skill levels are demonstrated by either assessment scores or course grades according to the following tables. Some prerequisites are not computer-enforced, but may be enforced at the discretion of the division.

A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution meets prerequisites which require College Composition II. Official transcripts must be provided to the Delta College Registrar’s Office.