Apr 23, 2024  

International Travel/Study Courses

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Delta College offers international travel/study courses on an annual basis. These courses are usually offered for credit which include a combination of lecture and field experience in group international travel; however, since the length of travel time may vary from one to four weeks, the Curriculum Council has approved variable credit, depending on the length of the travel field experience. Consequently, travel/study courses may vary in credits from a minimum of one to a maximum of four. These courses are numbered 268 and may be taken in various disciplines; i.e., BIO 268 , ECN 268, SOC 268 . The specific country/region of focus will be listed after the course number and title (SOC 268  International Studies: Australia). You may register for only one travel/study course per trip. You should consult a counselor regarding the transferability of total credits earned through international study and travel.