Apr 23, 2024  

Learning Community Courses

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Learning communities are pre-planned course packages, offering classes students need for their degree or transfer programs in a student-friendly format. Each course in a learning community will be from a different area of study or discipline, but the courses will all be united by a common theme. The instructors of the courses work together to plan the courses, emphasize the theme, coordinate assignments, and work closely with students to support learning. Collaborative work and community-building are key features of all learning communities. Students engage in a variety of learning formats, including but not limited to group projects, classroom discussions, guest speakers, field trips, and community projects. Students benefit by sharpening their critical and creative thinking; making connections with fellow learners, faculty, the college, and the community; and improving communication skills. Students in Delta College's learning communities program self-report that they feel they learn better because they participated in a community, that caring about the people in their community lead to caring more about the learning, and that they feel more support.