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2018 - 2019 Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Manufacturing And Industrial Technology - AAS

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Program Code: AAS.15851

Manufacturing continues to advance by cutting across all disciplines in order to drive economic growth. This program is designed to give you the flexibility to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in this rapidly changing area. You will be able to develop a broad understanding of issues facing manufacturing today while also focusing on a specific area. As a manufacturing technologist, you will need to understand the interrelationships of materials selection and manufacturing processes in order to operate competitively in a global economy. You will also need to understand the roles quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale play in a successful manufacturing company. Teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills will be emphasized because of the importance they play in your success in the company. You will have experience with automated systems and robotic applications. You will need to be able to use computers to control and monitor processes and for communicating with team members, customers, suppliers, and others both internally and externally. Refer to for more information.

Fall First Year:

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total Semester Credits: 17

Fall Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 18

Winter Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total Credits: 65


  1. A Grade of “C” (2.0) or higher is required in CAD 114 , CAD 120 , CAD 226 , CNC 162 , CNC 225 , DRF 121 , EET 235 , MIT 111W , MIT 118 , MIT 240 , MS 181W , MT 220 , MT 221W , and SKDR 101 .
  2. CAD 114 , CAD 226 , and CNC 225  are key courses and must be completed within 5 years of completing the degree. Failure to complete within the stated time frame will require you to repeat this course. See Academic Policies and Information /Graduation Requirements .
  3. The capstone class, MIT 240 , is required for graduation. Students must request approval from the program coordinator to apply for capstone course one (1) semester prior to enrollment.

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