Jun 25, 2022  

Construction Management - AAS

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Program Code: AAS.15875

The Construction Management program is designed to acquaint you with management/business operations and knowledge of the practices and procedures relating to the construction industry. The construction course will acquaint you with various materials, procedures, types of fabrication, and methods of resolution. Technical problem solving will be stressed.

The business components of this program will teach you basic business structure and practices. Such training is invaluable in the start-up and maintenance of a profitable construction business. Other avenues of employment can be sought in construction supervision, material representation, and material management and control.

Total Semester Credits: 16

Total Semester Credits: 16

Total Semester Credits: 7

Total Semester Credits: 13

Total Semester Credits: 17

Total Semester Credits: 6

Total Credits: 75


  1. A grade of "C" (2.0) or higher is required in all Basic Program course requirements.
  2. RC 120  requires Construction Management (CM) Program Coordinator approval for permission to register. Students will have to document 2000 hours of recent and relevant construction experience to qualify for the RC 120  option.
  3. Construction Management (CM) students are advised to contact the CM Program Coordinator before registering for RC 201  and RC 204 . RC 201  is generally offered during the Fall semester and RC 204  is offered during the Winter semester.
  4. If you plan to pursue a 3+1 program in management please meet with a counselor/academic advisor prior to the start of your second year.
  5. File an application for an associate or dual degree and/or certificate with the Registrar's Office by at least 3 months prior to expected graduation. See Graduation Requirements .
  6. Delta College reserves the right to modify graduation requirements.
    1. ACC 211  can be taken in place of ACC 121  
    2. CST 134  can be taken in place of CST 133W  
    3. RC 120  can be taken in place of RC 201  and RC 204  
    4. Any approved Intermediate Algebra course or higher can be taken in place of MTH 119W  
    5. POL 103W , POL 212W , POL 215W , POL 220W , POL 221W , POL 223W , POL 225W , POL 228W , HIS 221W , HIS 222W , or HIS 237W  can be taken in place of POL 105W .
    6. Any 2 credit LW course or 1 credit LW and 1 credit LWA course can be taken in place of LW 223W  

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