Oct 06, 2022  

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RC 204 - Inside Finishing and Hardware

Credits: 4
Includes principles of interior construction, joinery and installation, and finishing of all types of interior trim.

Prerequisite(s): RC 104  and RC 201 .
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 45 Lab Hours: 45
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Demonstrate knowledge gained from their first year to execute the construction of a Habitat for Humanity project.
    1. Demonstrate Interior Framing Finish
    2. Demonstrate Drywall Application
      1. Taping and finishing
    3. Demonstrate Interior Trim Installation
      1. Hinge door installation
      2. Bifold door installation
      3. Door trim installation
      4. Base board installation
    4. Demonstrate Cabinet Installation
      1. Kitchen cabinet installation
      2. Assorted specialty cabinet installation
      3. Counter top installation
      4. Shelving installation
      5. Hardware installation
    5. Demonstrate Sub Floor Installation
      1. Underlayment installation

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