Jun 30, 2022  

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LWT 260 - Health Fitness Experience

Credits: 5
Introduces Health Fitness Education and Promotion students to "on the job" experiences within the Health Promotion field. Includes exercise prescription, health education, health promotion administration and program development in the 300-hour internship experience. Students must have current CPR certification.

Prerequisite(s): LWT 210 , LWT 230 , LWT 240 , LWT 251 , LWT 255  
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 9 Lab Hours: 300
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Be familiar with the internship facility cites and comply with ALL internship policies and procedures.
    1. Read policy and procedure manual.
    2. Follow policies and procedures.
    3. Practice time management skills
    4. Ask questions about any part of the manual that they do not understand.
  2. Communicate effectively with the supervising internship coordinator and internship cite supervisor
    1. Discuss experiences with cite supervisor and internship coordinator.
    2. Complete documentation as required regarding the client's status, progress, or program with supervision.
    3. Pronounce and use health promotion terms correctly and professionally.
    4. Demonstrate good listening skills
    5. Write legible with correct spelling and terminology.
    6. Demonstrates organized and logical health promotion applications.
  3. Perform fitness assessment and exercise prescription on clients using modalities or techniques practiced in the health fitness curriculum prior to this internship affiliation.
    1. Prepare area for exercise
    2. Demonstrate proper placement and/or use of equipment
    3. Position client appropriately for specific exercise.
    4. Position equipment appropriately for client.
    5. Handle client with care.
    6. Seeks appropriate input from internship cite supervisor.
    7. Replace or organize area after assessment is given or exercises are completed.
    8. Read risk/goal form and find significant information necessary to develop program for client.
    9. Demonstrates awareness to indications and contraindications to exercise prescription procedures.
    10. Use logical sequence of exercise progression.
    11. Respond to changes in client’s status
    12. Utilize good body mechanics during exercise procedures and demonstrations.
    13. Terminates exercise sessions appropriately and when necessary.
    14. Select appropriate fitness assessment tests based on client’s risk factors.
    15. Demonstrate proper sequence of fitness assessment testing.
  4. Communicate effectively with client’s family, physicians, if necessary, and other support staff.
    1. Question the client about comfort level before, during and after exercise.
    2. Introduce self.
    3. Be a positive role-model in health promotion
    4. Ask questions of client or other health care professionals when appropriate.
    5. Adapt and modify activities to client’s disability, limitations, and medical conditions.
    6. Respond sensitively and courteously during ALL interactions with client and internship cite supervisor.
    7. Present developed health promotion educational lecture/workshop.
    8. Be courteous and respectful of other health promotion team members
    9. Be helpful and supportive of other health promotion organization members
    10. Actively participate in any meetings and workshops internship cite may host/offer.
  5. Participate in evaluation of clinical experience.
    1. Discuss performance accurately and openly with internship cite supervisor and internship coordinator.
    2. Respond to evaluation with constructive comments and suggestions.
    3. Acknowledges and responds to feedback received.
    4. Completes and submits required evaluation forms.
    5. Identify strengths and weaknesses
    6. Accept responsibility for learning and performance
    7. Complete internship cites evaluation form.
  6. Learn to provide continuity in client program development and applications.
    1. Recognize the need to progress client’s exercise prescription.
    2. Develop rapport with clients
    3. Assess improvements or regression in client’s status and report in the appropriate manner.
    4. Develop exercise progression for client.
    5. Document client assessment, program, and progression completely and as required by internship cite supervisor and Health Promotion Program guidelines.

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