Jun 10, 2023  

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LWT 255 - Health Fitness Management and Promotion

Credits: 3

Introduces and explores the different and interesting settings in which health and fitness educators practice and the job responsibilities and opportunities within each of those settings. Emphasizes application, skill development, and professional identity and direction in health promotion occupations.

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 45 Lab Hours: 0
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives 1.    Describe and explain the concepts and components of Health Management and Promotion.

     A.          Discuss the difference between health education and health promotion

     B.          Discuss the scope of health promotion activities.

     C.          Identify why opportunities for health promotion activities exist in the business venue.

     D.          Describe the qualifications needed for a health promotion professional working in the business/corporate setting.

     E.          Discuss benefits of corporate/business health promotion programs.

     F.          Describe potential activities in health promotion that can specifically meet the needs of the business/corporate sector.

     G.         Discuss the cost savings of health promotion programs in the business/corporate sector.

     H.         Define the process of planning health promotion programs.

     I.           Identify the procedures for securing management support for the health promotion program.

     J.           Discuss the importance of understanding corporate culture.

     K.          Describe the procedures for developing and implementing needs assessments.

     L.          Define five major concepts of adult learning theory.

     M.          Understand that how people change behavior is not clearly understood.

     N.          Explain several prevalent theories as to how people change their behavior.

     O.          Select behavior change activities based on a specific population and how it functions.

     P.           Define and discuss needs assessment and its role and function in the development of health promotion programs.

     Q.          Distinguish between populations and program participants.

     R.          Describe and discuss the types of information collected for needs assessment.

     S.          Identify at least three different approaches to data collection for needs assessment.

     T.           Describe how needs assessment information is used in program development.

     U.          Discuss effective planning procedures

     V.          Describe the levels of intervention in health promotion.

     W.         Determine strategies for interventions.

     X.          Discuss potential legal considerations when conducting health promotion activities.

     Y.          Describe the management process.

     Z.          Understand the impact of leadership on successful programs.

     AA.       Identify administrative issues.

     BB.       Understand the budgetary process

     CC.       Determine criteria for hiring and training staff.

     DD.       Identify procedures for supervising health promotion staff.

     EE.        Differentiate between product marketing and social marketing.

     FF.        Describe methods to provide ongoing monitoring of marketing programs.

     GG.       List a variety of commonly used strategies to increase group involvement.

     HH.       Identify ways to increase participation and adherence in established programs.

     II.          Define validity, reliability, and usability of assessment instruments.

     JJ.         Distinguish between concurrent and predictive validity.

     KK.       Identify characteristics of instruments that enhance validity and reliability.

     LL.        Describe characteristics of assessment instruments used in work site health promotion programs.

     MM.      List considerations for selecting assessment instruments.

     NN.       Describe several action steps that can be taken to help one land one's first job in health promotion.

     OO.       Define and describe small business

     PP.        Discuss the availability of entrepreneurial opportunities in health promotion

     QQ.       Identify advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurial careers.

     RR.       Explain a business plan.

     SS.        Describe and explain business start-up ideas and sources.

     TT.        Describe causes of small business failures

2.    Demonstrate the concepts and components of Health Management and Promotion

     A.          Present the cost savings of health promotion programs in the business/corporate sector.

     B.          Plan and present a health promotion activity or educational session.

     C.          Develop a mission statement, goals, priorities, and objectives for a health promotion program.

     D.          Develop a plan for specific interventions based on specific behavior change theories.

     E.          Demonstrate the process of goal and objective development.

     F.          Analyze equipment needs for a comprehensive health promotion effort.

     G.         Develop screening and enrollment procedures for a health promotion facility.

     H.         Develop criteria for hiring and training staff.

     I.           Develop an employee procedures manual for a specific health promotion program.

     J.          Develop marketing strategies appropriate for a variety of settings and social structures.

     K.          Write a persuasive copy to promote group involvement in activities.

     L.          Develop a physical activity adherence assessment tool and demonstrate how it will be used

     M.         Prepare a word-processed paper documenting the history of public health in the United States.

     N.         Formulate a statement that describes your personal philosophy of life and identify the influences that account for your philosophy.

     O.         Create and defend your own philosophy of health education.

     P.          Actively participate in a health promotion event or organization.

     Q.         Write an abstract or a summary of an article from a refereed journal.

     R.         Locate an article related to some aspect of health promotion, using.

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