Jan 17, 2022  

Environmental Technology - AAS

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Program Code: AAS.15466

Successful completion of the program will prepare you for employment as a hazardous materials technician, safety technician, solid waste technician, recycling technician, or as a team member in environmental consulting firms. Skills and knowledge that you should possess  as a result of completing the program include: understanding of the specific safety and environmental regulations related to work environment; familiarity with computers; basic understanding of chemical terminology; ability to read technical materials and translate what is read into action; ability to write comprehensible reports; ability to keep records; ability to make routine mathematical computations; understanding of how environmental regulations are formulated, and understanding of the interrelated nature of environmental problems.

Total Semester Credits: 16

Total Semester Credits: 18

Total Semester Credits: 17

Winter Second Year

Total Semester Credits: 14

Total Credits: 65


  1. It is highly recommended that students take SCI 107  early in their coursework.
  2. ENV 151W , ENV 152 , ENV 153 , and ENV 154  are presented as a series of training modules which can be taken together or separately in any order. It is recommended however that they be taken in sequence. All components are those required and detailed through OSHA and other State and Federal regulations.
  3. Electives: If you are considering transferring to a university, review the Associate in Science degree requirements and see a counselor since requirements of various transfer schools differ.
  4. Transfer students may be advised to complete CHM 111 , CHM 112 , CHM 210 , and CHM 210LW  instead of CHM 105W  and CHM 106W .
    1. ENG 111A ; ENG 111B ; ENG 111C ; or ENG 111H  can be taken in place of ENG 111  
    2. Any approved Intermediate Algebra course or higher can be taken in place of MTH 119W  (except MTH 153 )
    3. POL 105W , POL 212W , POL 215W , POL 220W , POL 221W , POL 223W , POL 225W , POL 228W , HIS 221W , HIS 222W  or HIS 237W  can be taken in place of POL 103W  
    4. Any 1 credit LW course and 1 credit LWA course can be taken in place of LWA 223W
    5. GLG 111  can be taken in place of GLG 130  
    6. MTH 209W  can be taken in place of MTH 208W  
    7. COM 114W  can be taken in place of COM 112W  
    8. 3 Elective credits from the following list: BIO 116W , BIO 219 , BIO 123 , BIO 203W , ENG 112 , ENV 310W , and ENV 320W  

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