Jan 18, 2019  

Mission, Vision, Values, Principles

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Mission Statement

Delta College is a responsive, dynamic community college.  We educate, inspire, challenge and support a diverse community of learners to achieve academic, professional and personal excellence.


Delta College is our communities' first choice to learn, work and grow.

Values Statement

Delta College is a diverse learning-centered community based on integrity and respect. From a foundation of leadership, we use innovation and teamwork to achieve excellence.

Diversity: We actively promote, advocate, respect, and value differences. We foster a welcoming environment of openness and appreciation for all.

Integrity: We are committed to honesty, ethical conduct, and responsibility.

Respect: We stand for trust, caring, loyalty, and academic freedom.

Excellence: We support outstanding achievement in our students, employees and communities. We have a passion for quality and strive for continuous improvement.

Leadership: We create and communicate inspirational visions for results. We are accountable to our communities.

Innovation: We rejoice in creative change. We are flexible, agile, and risk-taking.

Teamwork: We foster communication and collaboration across boundaries and support shared governance.

Learning-centered community: We are an engaging, inclusive, diverse learning organization. We focus on academic excellence, civic responsibility and community leadership.

Guiding Principles

The implementation of our College Mission and its underlying Values are supported by certain Guiding Principles.

Based on our Mission and Values Statement, Delta College is committed to:

  • providing a range of programs, opportunities, and experiences that enrich the lives of the residents of our community
  • continuously improving and regularly measuring the quality of all of our programs and services
  • accepting the challenge of our open door policy by providing programs and services appropriate to our students’ needs and backgrounds
  • providing services to help students overcome obstacles that impede the achievement of their educational goals
  • working with K-12 districts, other colleges and universities, and business and industry to share and respond to each others’ needs
  • creating an environment that fosters appreciation and respect for the uniqueness of each individual
  • expanding our students’ cultural and global awareness
  • the free exchange of all ideas for their own sake as well as for their potentially practical applications
  • providing a work environment which supports the professional development of all College employees
  • shared governance, understanding that we are all members of the same College community with the privilege of ownership and the obligation of participation
  • employee involvement in the community.
  • promoting learning, actions and practices that incorporate social, environmental, and economic sustainability in our communities.