Aug 19, 2022  

Computer Science and Information Technology - Business Information Technology - ABS

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Program Code: ABS.10130

A degree in Business and Information Technology includes both business skills and computer skills to prepare you for work in a high-tech business world.

Total Semester Credits: 16

Total Semester Credits: 15

Total Semester Credits: 9

Fall Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 15

Winter Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 9/11

Total Credits: 64/69


  1. Profiency in keyboarding is expected in all CST classes. OAT 170  is available for those students who need to build keyboarding skills.
  2. Most of the courses to complete this degree are available online.  For online offerings please talk with an advisor or check the course schedule.
  3. Contact the Health & Wellness Division for information on completing the LWA credit through individual instruction to complete the BIT degree option online.
  4. The above curricula are intended to prepare you for a career upon graduation from Delta College. If you are planning to transfer to a Baccalaureate degree program you should consult with a counselor before enrolling in computer, business, or general education courses so that specific transfer college requirements can be completed.
    1. ENG 111  and ENG 112  or ENG 111  and ENG 113  can be taken in place of OAT 152  
    2. Any 1 credit LW and LWA or 2 credit LW can be taken in place of LW 221W  
    3. POL 105W  , POL 212W , POL 215W , POL 220W , POL 221W , POL 223W , POL 225W , POL 228W , HIS 221W , HIS 222W , or HIS 237W  can be taken in place of POL 103W  
    4. ACC 211   can be taken in place of ACC 121  
    5. Required Electives - choose 10 credits: ACC 212 , CST 105 , CST 107 ,   CST 185 , CST 216 , CST 271  , CST 273 , CST 210 , ENT 131W , ENT 231W , MGT 143 , MGT 245  , MGT 256 , MGT 265  , or any ACE course.

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