Oct 04, 2022  

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CD 117W - Student Teaching Practicum

Credits: 6
Focuses on teaching developmentally appropriate activities while volunteering in an approved preschool or kindergarten classroom. Application of developmentally appropriate practice and theory during 12 hours per week in an approved student teaching classroom, for a total of 150 contact hours.

Prerequisite(s): CD 110W , 115P and either CD 114 or ED 201W .
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 37.5 Lab Hours: 150
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Apply experience and knowledge gained through practice of theory to perform as a lead teacher in a preschool program, or as an assistant in a public school kindergarten.
    1. Complete twelve hours per week of instructor approved student teaching during the main portion of the teaching curriculum in an approved early childhood classroom.
    2. Perform as a cooperating member of an early childhood team.
    3. Record classroom activities and observations in a daily journal.
    4. Implement developmentally appropriate lesson plans to meet the educational needs of young children.
  2. Identify specific techniques in child guidance related to learning age appropriate concepts.
    1. Appreciate and support positive behavior.
    2. Understand and redirect negative behavior.
    3. Schedule activities to meet children's needs.
    4. Guide children’s self-help skills.
    5. Guide children’s art activities.
    6. Guide children’s math activities.
    7. Guide children’s science activities.
    8. Guide children’s dramatic play.
    9. Guide children’s literature, language and music activities.
    10. Guide children’s motor skills.
    11. Guide children’s dramatic play communicating with parents of young children.
  3. Identify specific techniques necessary to effectively communicate with parents of young children.
    1. Participate in a parent-teacher conference, a home visit, or a parent’s program.
    2. Role-play confrontational situations dealing with upset parents regarding curriculum and/or program policies.
    3. Record observations using forms required at the student teaching practicum.
  4.   Write effectively for a specific audience and purpose.
    1. Employ conventions of written, edited, standard English (WESE), or the language of instruction.
    2. Articulate important ideas.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to move between generalization and details.
    4. Quote, paraphrase and summarize accurately.
  5. Utilize writing to promote learning in any or all of the above.

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