Sep 25, 2022  

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ASEP 101 - Engine Repair Level 1

Credits: 3
Introduces student to inspection of gasoline internal combustion engines. Practices NATEF tasks to MLR (maintenance and light repair) level related to gasoline engines. Requires meeting all related GM ASEP training requirements.

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 45 Lab Hours: 18
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Diagnose General Engine. Complete Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Research applicable vehicle and service information, vehicle service history, service precautions, and technical service bulletins.
    2. Verify operation of the instrument panel engine warning indicators.
    3. Inspect engine assembly for fuel, oil, coolant, and other leaks; determine necessary action.
    4. Install engine covers using gaskets, seals, and sealers as required.
    5. Remove and replace timing belt; verify correct camshaft timing.
    6. Perform common fastener and thread repair, to include: remove broken bolt, restore internaland external threads, and repair internal threads with thread insert.
    7. Identify hybrid vehicle internal combustion engine service precautions.
  2. Diagnose Cylinder Head and Valve Train. Complete Level 1 NATEF task as listed below.
    1. Adjust valves (mechanical or hydraulic lifters).
  3. Diagnose Lubrication and Cooling Systems. Complete Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Perform cooling system pressure and dye tests to identify leaks; check coolant condition and level; inspect and test radiator, pressure cap, coolant recovery tank, and heater core; determine necessary action.
    2. Inspect, replace, and adjust drive belts, tensioners, and pulleys; check pulley and belt alignment.
    3. Remove, inspect, and replace thermostat and gasket/seal.
    4. Inspect and test coolant; drain and recover coolant; flush and refill cooling system with recommended coolant; bleed air as required.
    5. Perform engine oil and filter change.
  4. Complete Required Supplemental Tasks related to Shop and Personal Safety
    1. Identify general shop safety rules and procedures.
    2. Utilize safe procedures for handling of tools and equipment.
    3. Identify and use proper placement of floor jacks and jack stands.
    4. Identify and use proper procedures for safe lift operation.
    5. Utilize proper ventilation procedures for working within the lab/shop area.
    6. Identify marked safety areas.
    7. Identify the location and the types of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment; demonstrate knowledge of the procedures for using fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment.
    8. Identify the location and use of eye wash stations.
    9. Identify the location of the posted evacuation routes.
    10. Comply with the required use of safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, and shoes during lab/shop activities.
    11. Identify and wear appropriate clothing for lab/shop activities.
    12. Secure hair and jewelry for lab/shop activities.
    13. Locate and demonstrate knowledge of material safety data sheets (MSDS).
  5. Complete Required Supplemental Tasks related to Tools and Equipment
    1. Identify tools and their usage in automotive applications.
    2. Identify standard and metric designation.
    3. Demonstrate safe handling and use of appropriate tools.
    4. Demonstrate proper cleaning, storage, and maintenance of tools and equipment.
    5. Demonstrate proper use of precision measuring tools (i.e. micrometer, dial-indicator, dial-caliper).
  6. Complete Required Supplemenatal Tasks related to Preparing Vehicle for Service
    1. Identify information needed and the service requested on a repair order.
    2. Identify purpose and demonstrate proper use of fender covers, mats.
    3. Demonstrate use of the three C's (concern, cause, and correction).
    4. Review vehicle service history.
    5. Complete work order to include customer information, vehicle identifying information, customer concern, related service history, cause, and correction.
  7. Complete Required Supplemental Tasks related to Preparing Vehicle for Customer
    1. Ensure vehicle is prepared to return to customer per school/company policy (floor mats, steering wheel cover, etc.).

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