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2019 - 2020 Catalog 
2019 - 2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AGM 134 - Dealership Work Experience I

Credits: 2
Instructional Contact Hours: 3

Provides work experience in the operation, maintenance, and service of GM base brakes, engine mechanical and electrical systems particularly battery, charging and starting systems. Stresses general auto lab equipment operation and safety. Credit may be earned in AGM 134 or ACD 134 but not in both.

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): AGM 110 , AGM 112W , AGM 114  
Lecture Hours: 6 Lab Hours: 600
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Diagnose/repair/service engines, brakes, and electrical systems to meet GM factory service information stnadards and NATEF task list requirements.
    1. Perform all necessary tasks on live customer vehicles to the customers satisfaction and industry standards.
    2. Demonstrate knowledge to document completed repairs.

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