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2018 - 2019 Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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RC 200W - Construction Contracting Rules and Regulations

Credits: 3
Introduces contracting laws, rules, and regulations as they apply to residential builders. Covers builder's law, builder's license, insurance, deeds and abstracts, loans and land development.

Prerequisite(s): A "C" grade or better in a college level composition I course
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 45 Lab Hours: 0
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Understand the major business ownership types.
    1. Describe the various ownership forms
    2. Choose the business form for sample businesses
    3. Analyze the business form right for the individual
  2. Evaluate the various contract types.
    1. Discuss the multiple contract forms
    2. Surmise the weaknesses of the of the various forms
  3. Examine the use of surety bonds.
    1. Differentiate between payment and performance bonds
    2. Discover the process of surety bonds acquisition of project
    3. Illuminate weaknesses of bonding
  4. Utilize construction codes in reference to construction practices.
    1. Examine common construction codes
    2. Interpret constructions codes as applied to different situations
    3. Identify codes pertinent to sample cases
  5. Analyze the various construction insurance types.
    1. Discuss mandatory versus necessary insurance's
    2. Analyze insurance for gaps and or overlaps in coverage
    3. Design a system of risk management
  6. Compile a construction company policy statement.
    1. Define the purpose of policy statement
    2. Develop a list of pertinent policy elements
    3. Examine each policy element as to its audience and purpose
    4. Evaluate the legal ramifications of the policy manual
  7. Prepare for the Michigan Builders License Test.
    1. Investigate the construction lien act
    2. Overview Michigan Occupational Code.
    3. Sign-up data for the Michigan Builders Exam
    4. Practice sample state questions

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