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2018 - 2019 Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CST 126 - Unix/Linux Operating System

Credits: 2
Provides a basic orientation to the Unix and Linux Operating Systems. Emphasizes how to create, display, copy and print files. Includes how to work with directories, and how to connect to the Internet. Credit may be earned in CST 126 or CIS 109, but not both

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 30 Lab Hours: 0
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: Yes

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Recognize and know how to use some common commands of UNIX.
    1. Recognize and be able to issue commands available with all Shells of Unix.
    2. Learn the History of Unix as an Operating System and why it's still in use.
    3. Learn how to use the online Manuel
  2. Learn how to use common editors
    1. Importance of vi will be stressed
    2. student will be introduced to pico as an alternative to vi
  3. Learn how to use some of the common commands in file maintenance
    1. Recognize how to use who, ou, ls, wc, sort, cat, colrm, tr, cut, paste, w, grep and lpansi
    2. Be able to use Redirection and Pipes
    3. Recognize how to use wildcards with the above commands
  4. Be able to create directories and subdirectories
    1. Be able to change and work with all directories
    2. Be able to work with files in various directories
  5. Recognize and write Alias and Script Files
    1. Be able to use and control Aliases.
    2. Be able to use if, do and case in Script files
  6. Learn how to use Pine for email
    1. Understand how to set up your Address file
    2. Be able to compose and reply to email
    3. Learn how to set up a .signature and .plan file
  7. Know how to control the Processing of a program
    1. Understand how to control whether a program runs in foreground or background
    2. Understand how to terminate jobs

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