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2022 - 2023 Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CST 252 - Implementing Wireless Security

Credits: 3
Instructional Contact Hours: 3

Covers foundations of wireless security, wireless LAN vulnerabilities, passive wireless discovery, active wireless attacks, wireless security models, and enterprise wireless hardware security.  Includes designing a secure wireless network, securing wireless authentication and transmission, managing the wireless network, writing wireless security policy, and managing operational support and wireless convergence. Credit may be earned in CST 156 or CST 252, but not both.

Prerequisite(s): CST 152   and CST 153  
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 15 Lab Hours: 30
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: Yes

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Discuss the foundations of wireless security.
    1. Discuss wireless in our world.
    2. Discuss wireless advantages and disadvantages.
    3. Discuss information security and wireless LANs.
    4. Discuss wireless standards, organizations, and regulatory agencies.
    5. Discuss wireless LAN standards and types.
    6. Discuss wireless certifications.
  2. Discuss wireless LAN vulnerabilities.
    1. Discuss basic IEEE 802.11 security protections.
    2. Discuss vulnerabilities of IEEE 802.11 security.
  3. Discuss passive wireless discovery.
    1. Discuss general information gathering.
    2. Discuss wardriving.
    3. Discuss wireless packet sniffers.
  4. Discuss active wireless attacks.
    1. Discuss security vulnerabilities.
    2. Discuss wireless infrastructure attacks.
  5. Discuss wireless security models.
    1. Discuss wireless security models.
    2. Discuss transitional security model.
    3. Discuss personal security model.
    4. Discuss enterprise security model.
  6. Discuss enterprise wireless hardware security.   
    1. Discuss enterprise WLAN hardware
    2. Discuss hardware security features.
    3. Discuss other hardware features.
  7. Discuss designing a secure wireless network.    
    1. Discuss principles of security design.
    2. Discuss network segmentation.
    3. Discuss hardware placement.
    4. Discuss wireless device security.
  8. Discuss secure wireless authentication.   
    1. Discuss authentication.
    2. Discuss authentication servers.
    3. Discuss extended authentication protocols.
    4. Discuss IEEE 802.11 authentication and key management.
    5. Discuss wireless authentication and encryption.
  9. Discuss secure wireless transmissions.    
    1. Discuss encryption for transmitting documents.
    2. Discuss encryption for secure management interfaces.
    3. Discuss encryption for VPNs.
  10. Discuss managing the wireless network and wireless security.
    1. Discuss WLAN management systems.
    2. Discuss wireless intrusion prevention systems.
    3. Discuss what a security policy is.
    4. Discuss types of wireless security policies.
  11. Discuss operational support and wireless convergence.
    1. Discuss the features of a scalable and secure WLAN.
    2. Discuss WLAN operational support.
    3. Discuss the convergence of wireless technologies.
  12. Implement wireless mobile device security     
    1. Mitigate the risk of BYOD
    2. Identify mobile phone threats and vulnerabilities
    3. Describe mobile device security models
    4. Identify mobile wireless attacks and remediation
    5. Discover mobile malware and application-based threats

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