May 18, 2022  
2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog
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EMB 290 - Production of Informational Videos

Credits: 3
Instructional Contact Hours: 3

Refines and utilizes skills gained in Media Production I, II, and III with further instruction to produce, direct and post-produce specific, finished multimedia productions in the form of informational videos for specific clients or organizations. Emphasizes producing and directing and production skills to maximize effectiveness. Produces, directs and post-produces multimedia productions in the form of informational videos, including audio and video components, with specific outcomes for specific uses and audiences.

Prerequisite(s): EMB 155   with a minimum grade of "C"
Corequisite(s): ENG 290  
Lecture Hours: 15 Lab Hours: 30
Meets MTA Requirement: none
Pass/NoCredit: Yes

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Examine production techniques of the informational video genre.
    1. Analyze existing professional informational videos to better understand the technical production techniques of the genre.
    2. Recognize techniques used in professional information videos and comprehend how those techniques could be used to enhance coursework productions.
    3. Demonstrate an understanding of how to best utilize professional techniques in the production of specified informational video production coursework.
  2. Production and presentation of  advanced digital video using field production techniques.
    1. Initiate contact with outside talent, schedule field video shoots for specific field productions.
    2. Successfully operate field cameras and related equipment to gather video and audio for the production of informational videos.
    3. Present and discuss critical self-analysis of field production process and performance prior to the post-production element of informational video production.
  3. Demonstrate comprehension of advanced non-linear video editing, special effects and post-production techniques.
    1. Operate successfully computer based non-linear video editors, including Adobe's video production applications for the post-production process of informational videos.
    2. Present finished informational video production product to client or organization for critical review.
    3. Prepare informational video segments and related materials for final delivery in the required formats.

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