May 18, 2022  
2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog
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FST 207W - Fire Protection Systems II

Credits: 3
Instructional Contact Hours: 3

A comprehensive study of fire protection system in buildings. Includes design standards, conducting plan review, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarms, automatic detection devices, manual devices, automatic sprinklers, foam-water, water spray, standpipe, water supply and automatic chemical agent systems.

Prerequisite(s): FST 107W  
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 45 Lab Hours: 0
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives  

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and selected skills needed to perform effectively as inspector or emergency responder to buildings equipped with fire protection systems.
    1. Identify codes and standards regulating fire protection in buildings and apply these requirements
    2. Apply NFPA Standards in the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems
    3. Identify the design requirements, acceptance test, and maintenance of records
    4. Describe the various types of visual inspection, testing, maintenance and record procedures
    5. Test selected fire protection systems for compliance with system requirements
    6. Conduct a basic plan review of fire protection system to ensure compliance with requirements of NFPA standards
    7. Apply emergency procedures to buildings equipped with fire protection systems
  2. Perform writing tasks to promote learning.
  3. Write effectively for a specific purpose.
  4. Demonstrate the learning of concepts through writing.

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