May 18, 2022  
2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog
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FST 206 - Confined Space Management & Rescue

Credits: 4
Instructional Contact Hours: 4

Provides participants with the knowledge and skills to minimize or eliminate hazards associated with entry into a permit required confined space. Focuses on OSHA 29 CFR 19190.146 and Michigan Department of Commerce and Industrial Services 325.3001 standards regulating the roles of entry supervisor, entrant, attendant and rescuer. Includes non-permit confined spaces hazards and entry conditions. Includes a hands-on entry and rescue simulation workshop.

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 45 Lab Hours: 15
Pass/NoCredit: Yes

Outcomes and Objectives  

  1. Demonstrate necessary skills to direct rescue operations in compliance with federal and state regulations.

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