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2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ASEP 105 - Brakes Level 1

Credits: 2
Instructional Contact Hours: 4

Introduces inspection and maintenance of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical braking systems. Practices NATEF tasks to MLR (maintenance and light repair) level related to brake systems. Requires meeting all related GM ASEP training requirements.

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 30 Lab Hours: 24
Meets MTA Requirement: None
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Complete general Level 1 NATEF tasks for Brakes as listed below.
    1. Research applicable vehicle and service information, vehicle service history, service precautions, and technical service bulletins.
    2. Describe procedure for performing a road test to check brake system operation, including an anti-lock brake system (ABS).
  2. Complete Hydraulic System related Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Measure brake pedal height, travel, and free play (as applicable); determine necessary action.
    2. Check master cylinder for external leaks and proper operation.
    3. Inspect brake lines, flexible hoses, and fittings for leaks, dents, kinks, rust, cracks, bulging, wear, loose fittings and supports; determine necessary action.
    4. Select, handle, store, and fill brake fluids to proper level.
    5. Identify components of brake warning light system.
    6. Bleed and/or flush brake system.
    7. Test brake fluid for contamination.
  3. Complete Drum Brakes related Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Remove, clean, inspect, and measure brake drum diameter; determine necessary action.
    2. Refinish brake drum and measure final drum diameter; compare with specifications.
    3. Remove, clean, and inspect brake shoes, springs, pins, clips, levers, adjusters/self-adjusters, other related brake hardware, and backing support plates; lubricate and reassemble.
    4. Inspect wheel cylinders for leaks and proper operation; remove and replace as needed.
    5. Pre-adjust brake shoes and parking brake; install brake drums or drum/hub assemblies and wheel bearings; make final checks and adjustments.
    6. Install wheel and torque lug nuts.
  4. Complete Disc Brakes related Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Remove and clean caliper assembly; inspect for leaks and damage/wear to caliper housing; determine necessary action.
    2. Clean and inspect caliper mounting and slides/pins for proper operation, wear, and damage; determine necessary action.
    3. Remove, inspect, and replace pads and retaining hardware; determine necessary action.
    4. Lubricate and reinstall caliper, pads, and related hardware; seat pads and inspect for leaks.
    5. Clean and inspect rotor, measure rotor thickness, thickness variation, and lateral runout; determine necessary action.
    6. Remove and reinstall rotor.
    7. Refinish rotor on vehicle; measure final rotor thickness and compare with specifications.
    8. Refinish rotor off vehicle; measure final rotor thickness and compare with specifications.
    9. Retract and re-adjust caliper piston on an integral parking brake system.
    10. Check brake pad wear indicator; determine necessary action.
    11. Describe importance of operating vehicle to burnish/break-in replacement brake pads according to manufacturer's recommendations.
  5. Cinokete Power-Assist Units related Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Check brake pedal travel with, and without, engine running to verify proper power booster operation.
    2. Check vacuum supply (manifold or auxiliary pump) to vacuum-type power booster.
  6. Complete Miscellaneous related (Wheel Bearings, Parking Brakes, Electrical, Etc.) Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Remove, clean, inspect, repack, and install wheel bearings; replace seals; install hub and adjust bearings.
    2. Check parking brake cables and components for wear, binding, and corrosion; clean, lubricate, adjust or replace as needed.
    3. Check parking brake operation and parking brake indicator light system operation; determine necessary action.
    4. Check operation of brake stop light system.
    5. Replace wheel bearing and race.
  7. Complete Electronic Brakes, and Traction and Stability Control Systems related Level 1 NATEF tasks as listed below.
    1. Identify traction control/vehicle stability control system components.
    2. Describe the operation of a regenerative braking system.

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