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2022 - 2023 Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Catalog

Admission and Pre-Enrollment

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Admission Policy and Procedures


At a minimum, Delta College shall be open to all individuals included in any one of the categories listed below.

Regular Admission

  • graduate of an accredited high school
  • non high school graduate whose high school class has graduated
  • home school graduate at least 17 years old
  • person with an official General Education Development (GED) credential (certificate/diploma)
  • person from another country entering the U.S. for college educational purposes under an authorized student visa approved by Delta College

Conditional "Special" Admission

  • guest student from another college/university
  • home school graduate under age 17
  • student currently enrolled in secondary level accredited school or home school

The President, or their designee, upon the recommendation of the Director of Admissions, may also make exceptions to this policy.

Admission Dates

Although admission applications are accepted and processed continuously, we encourage you to submit your application preferably 6-8 months, but at least 30 days, prior to your enrollment period. If you plan to request financial aid, it is essential for you to apply for admission and for financial aid 8 to 10 weeks prior to registration.

Our traditional starting dates are:

  • Fall Semester (late August/Early September)
  • Winter Semester (early January)
  • Spring Session (early May)
  • Summer Session (early July)

Admission Procedures

You will be admitted at Delta College as:

Regular Admission

  1. First Time In College: If you have not previously attended any college or university prior to enrolling at Delta College. This is your status even if you have taken courses at Delta as a dual enrolled student.
  2. Transfer: If you have attended another college or university prior to enrolling at Delta College.
  3. Reactivation: If you have not registered for classes at Delta College for two or more academic years you will need to reapply to the college.

 Conditional Admission

  1. Guest: If you are enrolled at another college or university and desire concurrent admission.
  2. Dual Enrollment: If you are enrolled in grades 9-12 and are given permission by your high school counselor and/or principal.
  3. Special Enrollment (Home School/Junior High/Other): If you are "academically qualified."  This status provides a parallel route for you to enhance your present curriculum, enrich your academic experience, and earn college credit while doing so.

Delta College complies with applicable federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination, including Title IX of the education amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)/ADAAA(2008), and the Michigan Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act.

Section 504/ADAAA/Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act contacts:

Apply online or submit a paper application to the Admissions Office. Please review the following admission categories and follow the procedures outlined.

  1. High School Seniors: If you plan to enroll the summer or fall after your June graduation, you need to complete an Admission Application. Ask your high school to send your current transcript to the Admissions Office. Be sure to request that a final transcript be sent upon your graduation. Also submit any test scores for placement like SAT.
  2. New Students/Adults out of High School/Transfer: Complete an Admissions Application. You need to request that a copy of your official transcript from each previously attended high school (within the past ten years), education center, and/or college/university to be sent directly to the Admissions office. Any transcript handled by the student will be considered nonofficial.
  3. Guest Students: If you are attending another Michigan college and wish to take Delta courses on a Guest status, you must complete a Delta College Admissions application.  Be sure to check with your current institution to determine if your Delta courses will directly satisfy requirements. Upon the completion of your Delta courses you will need to request an "official" academic transcript be sent to your home institution.
  4. Dual Enrolled Students: If you plan to enroll in Delta courses and in high school courses during the same semester, you need to submit an Admissions Application, as a dual student, then submit the Dual Enrollment Approval and Tuition Authorization Form for each academic year in which you intend to enroll. This form is available at your high school, and needs to be signed by your parent and high school counselor or principal. Request that your high school send a current copy of your transcript to the Admissions Office.
  5. Special Enrollment Students: If you are at least 14 years old and attend junior high or high school or are home schooled you may be admitted for one semester at a time under Special Enrollment. This program is provided to supplement your educational plans and to afford educational enrichment in courses and academic areas not available in the student's school or home school setting. You will need to submit a Dual Enrollment Application, and the Dual Enrollment Approval and Tuition Authorization Form. The form will need to be signed by your parent and high school counselor or principal (only parent if home schooled). The parent or legal guardian is responsible for all fees, tuition, and transportation. You will need to have the ability to read and write at the college level. An assessment exam will be administered to determine your eligibility after you apply.

    If you are younger than 14 and can demonstrate the academic and social skills appropriate for college-level coursework you may be admitted for one semester at a time under Special Enrollment. You will need to submit a completed Dual Enrollment Application at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the anticipated semester of enrollment. A letter of support from the school’s counselor or principal (or your parent only if you are home schooled) must accompany the application. You will be required to take a college determined assessment exam for proper course placement. A College committee will interview you (accompanied by a parent or guardian) to determine your eligibility for the course and will make a recommendation to the Director of Admissions, who will make the final decision.
  6. International Students: If you are not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident and you are requesting an I-20 form, you will need to complete the International Admissions Application.


If you are a new student in any category, or if you are a returning student who has attended another college or university since Delta, you need to request immediately that your official transcript be sent to:

  Delta College, Registrar’s Office
1961 Delta Road, University Center, MI 48710

Official transcripts include: college, university, and GED.

After You Apply

After you apply you will receive a prompt response to your Admission Application. Upon acceptance, you will be issued a student number, and further information about assessment, orientation, advisement, and/or registration procedures.


All new students to Delta are required to take part in orientation. During orientation, you will be provided information regarding your academic program, student planning, and how to check your Delta email. After acceptance, students will receive information on how to complete orientation.

Exemptions from Assessment and Orientation will be given only for the following reasons:

  • You have earned an Associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited college. An official final transcript or diploma must be sent to the Delta College Registrar’s Office.
  • You are a transfer student who has completed 12 or more credits at another institution.  Official transcripts must be submitted to the Delta College Registrar’s Office.
  • You are a Guest student from another college. A completed official Guest Application Form is required from your current college or university per semester. (This exemption is for assessment only.)

Students who have the necessary documentation for exemption should contact the Delta College Admissions Office to request an exemption and provide the documentation.

Admissions Advising/Campus Tours

We invite you to call with any questions you may have and cordially invite you to make an appointment with an Admissions Advisor. We will discuss pre-enrollment procedures, the financial aid process, and general college information. The Admissions Office phone number is: (989) 686-9093.

International Student Admissions

Delta College welcomes applications for International Admissions and is authorized under federal law to admit and enroll non-immigrant alien students. In order to obtain a visa for entry into the United States on an F-1 Student visa status, you must present to the U.S. consulate abroad a valid passport, proof of sufficient finances, and a completed I-20 form. After the college has determined that you have met the following conditions, an I-20 form (Certificate of Eligibility) is issued to admitted Delta students. Upon receipt of your I-20, if you do not currently hold an F-1 Visa, you are required to visit for more information about paying your I-901 fee prior to your consulate appointment.

  1. Academic Requirements: You must be 18 years of age or older and have successfully completed a course of study equivalent to high school level. You are required to submit certified copies (in English) of your high school leaving certificate, national and international exams, and transcripts, which reflect courses and marks earned during the last three years of high school.
  2. Language Proficiency: You must demonstrate you are proficient in English to pursue your studies or you must make arrangements to enroll in an English Language Center prior to acceptance. English proficiency means that you speak, write, and read English fluently. Such fluency is necessary to ensure your enrollment, proper placement, and success in achieving your educational goals. You must furnish Delta College with proof of having achieved one of the following:
    • A minimum score of 500 on the paper based version of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or 173 on the TOEFL CBT or 61 on the TOEFL IBT
    • At least 6.0 on the IELTS
    • A minimum score of 69 on the MELAB
    • Grade 2A from the STEP-EIKEN program
    • Completion of a recognized English as a Second Language program. An additional test and interview may be required to establish English proficiency before enrollment.
  3. Financial Verification: You are required to submit a completed affidavit of support and a current financial statement from a sponsor and his or her bank, which testifies to the sponsor’s willingness and ability to support you while you are at Delta. If your government or an organization does not sponsor you, you must submit a current bank statement, which testifies to the existence of enough funds for school and living expenses in your family’s account for attendance. All college tuition is due and must be paid in full at the time of registration. Loans, scholarships, financial aid, and deferred payments are not available to international students.
  4. Deadlines: All documents such as applications, recommendations, official transcripts, financial statements of support, Affidavits, Certificates of English Proficiency, and medical reports must be in the Admissions Office at least four months preceding the semester you desire to be admitted.
    Applying from home country
    Semester Application Deadline Semester Begins
    Fall May Last week of


    Transferring from USA/Canada Colleges
    Semester Application Deadline Semester Begins
    Fall Mid July Last week of
    Winter Early December Second  week of
    Spring Early April Second week of
  5. Medical Insurance: After arrival and before registering for classes, you must purchase medical insurance with a repatriation clause. Failure to do so or cancellation of the policy will result in you not being able to register for future semesters at Delta and notification will be given to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that you are not enrolled.
  6. Verification/Academic Advisor/ Orientation/Assessment: Upon arrival, you must verify visa status, provide a copy of the I-94 card from your passport, and provide a copy of the applicant information from the inside of the passport with the Admission’s Office. Orientation and Assessment will be scheduled after arrival and prior to class registration for answers to specific questions about enrollment, contact the international student Admissions Advisor by e-mail ( Important notes:
    • Applications for admission to Delta College will be mailed upon request. High school records submitted by friends or relatives on your behalf are not accepted. Official records must be mailed directly to Delta College from your secondary school, college, or the Ministry of Education in your country.
    • All documents must be original, certified copies and must be accompanied by an official English translation. The principal or registrar of each school or college attended must sign the transcripts. You must not leave your country, language center, or college before you receive official acceptance from Delta College.
    • Students on an F-1 visa must enroll full-time (at least 12 credit hours per semester, per academic year) at Delta.
    • F-1 students must agree to enrollment stipulations as required by federal law. Therefore, F-1 students must indicate their acceptance of these stipulations by signing a contract as part of the admission process, and maintain compliance for each semester of enrollment. International Students (all visa classifications except F-1 Student Visa): International students range from permanent resident aliens to a visitor on any visa from an A visa to an R visa, including refugees and people with asylum status. Certain restrictions may apply depending on which status you may hold in the United States.
    • If you are a permanent resident alien (green card holder) and wish to attend Delta you may register either as a part time or full time student. Admission procedures for a permanent resident alien is as follows:
      • Submit a completed application for admission with a copy of your (I-551) green card (front and back), and also a copy of your driver’s license or State of Michigan identification.
    • If you possess refugee or political asylum status in the United States and wish to attend Delta you may register either as part time or full time. Admission procedures are as follows:
      • Submit a completed application for admission with a copy of your passport (if applicable), appropriate documentation showing your status, and a driver’s license or state identification to show where you currently reside.
    • Admission requirements for all other visa holders:
      Submit a completed application for admission with a copy of your passport and the visa that you currently hold.

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