Aug 13, 2022  
2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Delta College Board of Trustees

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Michael D. Rowley
Bay County

Diane M. Middleton
Bay County

Mary Lou Benecke
Bay County

Andre Buckley
Midland County
Stacey L. Gannon
Midland County
Michael P. Nash
Midland County

The Rev. Dr. Robert L. Emrich
Saginaw County

Arshen Baldwin
Saginaw County
Marcia L. Thomas
(Vice Chair)
Saginaw County

Administrative Officers

Dr. Jean Goodnow
College President

Pamela Clark
Executive Director, Institutional Advancement

Dr. Reva Curry
Vice President of Instruction & Learning Services

Sarah DuFresne
Vice President of Business and Finance

Dr. Karl Rishe
Vice President of Student and Educational Services

Jennifer Carroll
Director of Corporate Services

Andrea Ursuy
Executive Director of Administrative Services: Institutional Effectiveness

Foundation Board of Directors

Monica S. Baranski, Paul J. Barbeau, Mary Lou Benecke, Heidi A. Bolger, Dr. Richard J. Dolinski,

Mark S. Flegenheimer, Donald C. Gaertner, Stacey L. Gannon,  Kathleen M. McGraw,

David H. Morley, Chair, Guy C. Moulthrop, Mary M. Neely, Lisa M. Rechsteiner,

Dr. Annette Rummel, Patricia A. Shaheen, Herbert A. Spence III, Vice Chair,

Marcia L. Thomas, Lisa M. Ungerleider, Tina S. Van Dam, Edith (Dee Dee) Wacksman, Catherine Washabaugh

Delta College Representatives

Dr. Jean Goodnow, Secretary Sarah DuFresne, Treasurer  Pamela N. Clark, Executive Director