Dec 08, 2021  

International Studies (with World Language Skills) - Advanced Certificate

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Program Code: CSA.35493

While pursuing your individual program of studies as a Delta College student, you can earn an “add-on” Certificate in International Studies by successfully completing applicable courses from designated sets (A, B, and C) of present Delta courses (or their equivalents). This program is designed to: 1) provide students a wider and deeper range of international awareness and knowledge; 2) promote an interest in other cultures and places; 3) promote an interest in foreign languages; 4) lay the groundwork for future international learning options for you as a Delta graduate, and 5) enhance employment opportunities. The Certificate in International Studies is an “add-on” to the credential for your present program of studies. Courses/credits you already have may be applicable toward the certificate requirements.

Fall First Year:

Total Semester Credits: 13/14

Winter First Year:

Total Semester Credits: 11

Total Credits: 24/25


  1. A Grade of “C” (2.0) or higher is required in GEO 113W  and HIS 112W .
  2. SOC 231W  – Cultural Anthropology – is a highly recommended “Basic Program” elective.
  3. Questions regarding this program may be directed to the Director of International/Intercultural Programs or the Counseling Office.
    1. Set A Electives include: Any French (FR), German (GE), or Spanish (SPA) course.
    2. Set B Electives include: GEO 111W , (GEO 255W  or SOC 265W ), HIS 111W , MGT 265 , POL 221W , POL 225W , and SOC 231W .
    3. Set C Electives include: ARC 101 , (BIO 230W  or SOC 230W ), BIO 268 , GEO 222 , GEO 223W GEO 226W , GEO 260W  , GEO 262 , GEO 268 , GLG 268 HIS 217W , (IHU 161  or SOC 161 ), (IHU 162  or SOC 162 ), ENG 241W , ENG 242W , ENG 245W , ENG 246W , ENG 268W , POL 222 , POL 229W , POL 268W , (SOC 265W  or GEO 255W ), SOC 268 , SPA 113W  and SPA 275 .

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