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    Delta College
  Dec 11, 2017

Fire Science Technology - Industrial-Commercial Security and Safety - AAS

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Program Code: AAS.25733

This Associate degree program in Fire Science Technology is designed to provide vocational and technical skills which will provide you with educational credentials for employment or promotional opportunities.

Industrial/Commercial Security and Safety: You will perform inspections of industrial and commercial buildings to detect fire and safety hazards and make recommendations for improvements for loss prevention management. Your duties will include examining interiors and exteriors of industrial settings for violation of federal, state and local requirements.

Total Semester Credits: 12

Winter First Year:

Total Semester Credits: 12

Total Semester Credits: 9

Total Semester Credits: 11

Winter Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 12

Spring Second Year:

Total Semester Credits: 6

Total Credits: 62


  1. A “C” (2.0) minimum grade is required in Industrial-Commercial Security and Safety Core courses and Approved Elective courses for degree.
  2. Academic credit for past training (credit by training) may be granted for State certified training. Contact the Fire Science Coordinator for information on credit for past training, call (989)686-9020 or email
  3. Approved electives can be any combination of courses in the other FST program options and those listed as approved electives.
    1. ENG 111A , ENG 111B , ENG 111C  or ENG 111H  can be taken in place of ENG 111  
    2. ENG 112A , ENG 112H , ENG 112  or ENG 211  can be taken in place of ENG 113  
    3. Any 2 credit LW course or any 1 credit LW course and 1 credit LWA course can be taken in place of LW 223W  
    4. POL 105W  , POL 212W , POL 215W , POL 220W , POL 221W , POL 223W , POL 225W , POL 228W , HIS 221W , HIS 222W  or HIS 237W  can be taken in place of POL 103W  
    5. Approved Electives include: CJ 187W , COM 202W , CST 133W , FST 120W , FST 133W , FST 206 , FST 240 , FST 301 , FST 302 , FST 303 , FST 304 FST 306 , FST 307 , FST 308 , FST 332W , FST 334W , FST 338W , GIS 102 , MGT 153W , MGT 243 , MGT 265 , PHL 203W  

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