Feb 19, 2020  

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ART 220 - Mural Painting

Credits: 3
Introduces techniques in mural painting with an emphasis on community involvement.

Prerequisite(s): ART 112  and ART 115  both with a grade of “C” or better.
Corequisite(s): None
Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 90
Meets MTA Requirement: Humanities
Pass/NoCredit: No

Outcomes and Objectives
  1. Identify historically significant murals and works of public art.
    1. Collect and categorize examples of public murals to draw inspiration from.
    2. Develop a working knowledge of the history of mural painting through assigned reading and in class presentations.
  2. Prepare a proposal for a public mural.
    1. Describe the process of submitting a public art proposal.
    2. Prepare a proposal for a public mural.
  3. Apply the various methods of mural and large-format painting.
    1. Employ painting applications within a large, formal, collaborative public project.

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