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2018 - 2019 Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Aid

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The Delta College Financial Aid Office (FAO) administers a comprehensive program of financial assistance to help you with the cost of attending college. The Federal government, the State, Delta College, and other organizations are sources of assistance, if you demonstrate financial need and/or merit. Follow the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) procedures below for Federal financial aid consideration. The financial aid process can take four to six weeks to complete and some types of financial aid have limited funds, so it is important to apply early. Once you have applied, remember to frequently check your Delta Student Self-Service account for important information regarding your financial aid eligibility.

FAFSA Procedures

  1. You may complete the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year beginning October 2017. Apply online at www.fafsa.gov. Accurately answer each question on the FAFSA, indicate Delta's College Code (002251), sign it using your/your parent's FSA ID, and electronically submit your application. This will generate a Student Aid Report (SAR), which will be sent directly to you via e-mail.
  2. Once you receive your SAR, look it over carefully to make sure it is correct, as the information on this report will be used to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Corrections can be made online at www.fafsa.gov. If you need assistance with corrections, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Eligibility for Aid

To be eligible for aid you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S., must not be in default on any student loan and not owe a repayment on any Federal grant. You must, in most cases, enroll and attend at least half-time, maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the Delta College Standards of Academic Progress policy, and be enrolled in a program of study. For students that have not already earned an associate's degree; a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent is required for eligibility. 

Once you have met the eligibility requirements listed above you will be considered for all Federal grant programs administered by Delta. Eligibility for State aid is considered with the completion of a FAFSA and eligibility requirements of each program. The financial assistance offered to you may include any of the programs listed on the chart on the following page. You will be notified via your Delta email and Student Self Service account regarding the amounts and types of financial aid available based on full-time attendance. Enrollment less than 12 credits will reduce your award accordingly.

Direct Loan eligibility is based on your anticipated enrollment status and requires a loan request to be submitted for consideration. If your enrollment status changes, your eligibility will be recalculated and your loan may be reduced or cancelled. Loan funds are disbursed to Delta College via electronic fund transfer (EFT). The Student Finance Office will mail your loan funds directly to your address on file with the college after any balance owed has been deducted. Loan funds will be disbursed in two separate installments per semester. First disbursement will be applied 30 days after the start of the semester. The second disbursement will be applied after the midpoint of the semester.

Census Date

The Delta College Financial Aid Office recalculates Pell Grant eligibility on a specific census date for each semester. All registration changes for each semester should be completed by the 18th day for Pell Grant consideration. Be sure to register and have your class schedule set by the 18th calendar day of each semester. Any students considering an initial enrollment after the census date should contact the FAO for eligibility consideration.  Delta College defines calendar days as all days of the week including weekends and holidays. Financial Aid may not be considered for any class(es) registered for after this date. This includes classes that start later in the semester. Keep in mind, waitlisted classes are NOT considered registered class(es).

Initially, financial aid is based on enrollment status at the time of registration. However, your final award may be determined based on actual enrollment during each semester. Please refer to attendance policy and Return to Title IV (R2T4) policy before enrollment changes are made to learn how financial aid will be affected. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 989-686-9080 if you have any additional questions.

Every Direct Loan borrower must complete online Entrance Loan Counseling and a master promissory note (MPN) at www.studentloans.gov prior to completing their Loan request at Delta College

Rights of Financial Aid Applicants

  1. You have the right to know what financial aid programs are available.
  2. You have the right to know the deadlines for submitting applications for each of the financial aid programs available.
  3. You have the right to know how financial aid will be distributed, how decisions on that distribution are made, and the basis for these decisions.
  4. You have the right to know how your financial need was determined.
  5. You have the right to know what resources (such as parental contribution, other financial aid, your assets, etc.) were considered in the calculation of your need.
  6. You have the right to know how much of your financial need, as determined by the institution, has been met.
  7. You have the right to request an explanation of the various programs in your student aid package.
  8. You have the right to know the Delta College refund policy.
  9. You have the right to know what portion of the financial aid you received must be repaid, the payback procedures, the length of time you have to repay, and when repayment is to begin.
  10. You have the right to know how Delta College determines whether you are making satisfactory academic progress and what happens if you are not.
    For an explanation of any of the above rights, please come to the Financial Aid Office and meet with a Financial Aid Advisor.

Responsibilities of Financial Aid Applicants

  1. You must complete all application forms accurately and submit them on time to the right place.
  2. You must provide correct information. In most instances, misreporting information on financial aid application forms is a violation of law and may be considered a criminal offense which could result in indictment under the U.S. Criminal Code.
  3. You must return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by either the Financial Aid Office or the agency to which you submitted your application.
  4. You are responsible for reading and understanding all forms that you are asked to sign and for keeping copies of them.
  5. You must accept responsibility for all agreements that you sign.
  6. You must perform the work that is agreed upon in accepting a Work-Study job.
  7. Financial Aid recipients are expected to attend the classes for which they are enrolled and meet the Standards of Academic Progress. See Academic Policies and Information , Standards of Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients .

On the Web: www.delta.edu

Financial Aid Programs

Federal Pell Grant Y Y Y   Y Y Students with Expected Family Contributions (EFC) between 0 and 5328. Awards range from $606 - $5,920. Apply at www.fafsa.gov
Federal Work-Study Y Y Y   Y Y Students with remaining need of at least $700, if funds are available. Awards range from $700-$2,500 per semester. The student earns these funds through part-time employment and receives a paycheck every two weeks. Apply at www.fafsa.gov and indicate an interest in work - study.
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Y Y Y   Y Y Students receiving a Pell Grant and with an expected family contribution of 0. $100 per semester. Apply at www.fafsa.gov
Federal Direct Loan
  1. Subsidized
  2. Unsubsidized (You Pay Interest While In School)
Y Y Y   Y Y
  1. Cost minus family contribution minus other aid = need.
  2. Cost minus other aid (including subsidized loan) = need.
Dependent student subsidized and unsubsidized loan maximum is $5,500 as Freshman, $6,500 as Sophomore. Independent student may be eligible for additional unsubsidized Stafford loan. Obtain the Federal Stafford Loan Application through your My Delta account.
Federal Parent Loan (PLUS) Y Y Y   Y Y Parents of dependent students. Cost of attendance minus aid = eligibility. Apply at www.studentloans.gov
Veterans Benefits Y       Y   Veterans who are eligible or certain dependents of deceased or disabled veterans. Varies. Contact Veterans’ Services at Delta College or visit their website at www.delta.edu/services-support/veterans.html
Michigan Competitive Scholarship Program Y Y Y Y Y Y Students who qualify as semifinalists on ACT test. Awards made by State of Michigan Department of Education. Maximum award to be determined by state each academic year. Take the ACT test in high school. If eligible, list Delta College (002251) FAFSA. Deadline: March 1
Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) Y Y   Y Y Y Students under the age of 20 at the time of high school graduation or GED completion and who were Medicaid recipients for at least 2 years of a 3-year time period may be eligible. Tuition and certain fees Contact Michigan Student Scholarships and Grants at 1-800-447-2687.
Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver       Y     Must have written certification from tribe of being at least 25% Native American and proof of 1-year Michigan residency. Tuition-only for any number of credits. Does not pay fees or other charges. Obtain ITW application at www.michigan.gov/mdcr
DELTA PROGRAMS                  
Presidential Honors Scholarship Y     Y Y   Students must meet the selection criteria. Full ride. Obtain the online scholarship application and deadline date at www.delta.edu.
Foundation Scholarships Y       Y Y Students must meet the selection criteria of the various donors. Varies Obtain the online scholarship application and deadline date at www.delta.edu.
  1. Must meet standards of academic progress for financial aid recipients.
  2. Must not owe a refund or be in default on any Title IV Aid.
  3. Must demonstrate financial need as determined by the federal formula.
  1. Must be a Michigan resident.
  2. Must be enrolled in a Delta College academic degree or certificate program.
  3. Complete and submit the free application for Federal Student Aid according to the directions provided. Be sure to list Delta’s Title IV Code (002251) on the application.