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2021 - 2022 Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Catalog

Who to Contact

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      Area Code is 989
Call Toll-Free from Bay City/Saginaw 686 + Extension

 Midland/Auburn 495-4000, Birch Run/Frankenmuth/Reese/Vassar 758-3400

Questions About: Who to Contact (e-mail) Office Extension
Academic Advising Counseling/Advising (advise@delta.edu) D102 9330
Academic Standards Registrar's Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Academic Testing Testing Center (testingcenter@delta.edu) A133 9182
Adding Courses Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Adjunct Faculty Support Instructional Support Services (iss@delta.edu) J102 9515
Admissions Admissions (admit@delta.edu) H Wing 9093
Affirmative Action Equity Office (equityoffice@delta.edu) J101 9547
Apprenticeship/Skilled Trades Skilled Trades (skilledtrades@delta.edu) M128 9476
Articulations Articulation Office (artic@delta.edu) B100 9070
Assessment/Testing Services Testing Center (testingcenter@delta.edu) A133 9182
Athletics, Intercollegiate Athletic Office (athletics@delta.edu) A003 9477
Bookstore Bookstore (bookstore@delta.edu) N015 9030
Bridge Program for Underprepared Students Bridge Program (marciecarter@delta.edu) D102 9163
Broadcasting Broadcasting (wdcq@delta.edu, wucx@delta.edu) A034 9362
Bus Schedule (route information) Bay Metro (www.baymetro.com) Bay City 894-2900
  Midland Dial-A-Ride (City of Midland only) Midland 837-6940
  Midland County Connection Midland


  Saginaw Transit-STARS (www.saginaw-stars.com) Saginaw 907-4000
Career Information Career Development (careerdevelopment@delta.edu) D102 9072
Caution Status Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Clubs & Organizations Student Engagement Office (sace@delta.edu) A003-WCL 9865
  Alpha Delta Nu-Bet Tau Chapter/Honor Society of the National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (N-OADN) Daisy McQuiston(daisymcquiston@delta.edu) F207 9019
  Black Student Union Carlos McMath (carlosmcmath@delta.edu) A003 9117
  Chemistry Club Bernadette Harkness (bernadetteharkness@delta.edu) D167 9267
  Chez Les Napoleons (French Club) Ann DeCorte (anndecorte@delta.edu) / Christine Coleman (christinecoleman@delta.edu) S046 9408
  Child Development Jill Harrison (jillharrison@delta.edu) A088 9051
  Citizens in Action Kathie Marchlewski (kathiemarchlewski@delta.edu) G122 9509
  Collegiate DECA Lori Ziolkowski (loriziolkowski@delta.edu) F214 9483
  Cross Country Club Crystal Starkey (crystalstarkey@delta.edu) S002 9534
  Cyber Defense Club Kris Howery (kristopherhowery@delta.edu) A070 9098
  Delta Astronomy Adam VanDyke (adamvandyke@delta.edu) J102 9515
  Delta College Collegiate Farm Bureau Leslie Siefka (siefka@msu.edu)    
  Delta College Love Your Melon Alison Ginter (alisonginter@delta.edu) A003 9121
  Delta College Military Association Andrew Ornelas (andrewornelas@delta.edu) A008 9303
  Delta College Student Nurse Association (DCSNA) Wanda ZenZen (wandazenzen@delta.edu)    
  Delta Fitness Club Renee Hoppe (reneehoppe@delta.edu) P167 9561
  Delta Night Garden Donny Winter (donaldwinter@delta.edu) S013 9015
  Delta Skates Nicole Ryan (nicoleryan@delta.edu) A066 9097
  Delta Soccor Club Nathan Blecke (ncblecke@delta.edu) A072 9047
  Democracy Commitment Lisa Lawrason (lisalawrason@delta.edu) G122 9509
  Dental Hygiene Club Pam Livingston (pamelalivingston@delta.edu) F213 9483
  Economics Club Mark Mitchell (markmitchell@delta.edu) A081 9249
  Enviromental Club Kristopher Nitz (kristophernitz@delta.edu) F239 9564
  Fibers Designers Anonymus Sherri Archer (sherriarcher@delta.edu) S209 9173
  Film Club Mark Brown (markbrown@delta.edu) S015 9024
  Hogwarts Laura Dull (lauradull@delta.edu) A069 9188
  Honors Leadership Board Mark Brown (markbrown@delta.edu) A009 9024
  Information Technology & Security Club Cynthia Drouse (cjdrouse@delta.edu) A064 9069
  Intramural Sports Club Kimberly Klein (kimberlyklein@delta.edu) G123 9192
  InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Eric Wiensenauer (ericwiensenauer@delta.edu) G205 9761
  Mu Omega Delta (Men of Delta) Carlos McMath (carlosmcmath@delta.edu) A003 9117
  Phi Theta Kappa-Xi Delta Chapter (PTK) Mark Brown (markbrown@delta.edu)   5934
  Photo Club Michael Glowacki (michaelglowacki@delta.edu) S249 9453
  Pre-Pharmacy David Baker (dbaker@delta.edu) D151 9257
  Programming Board Alison Ginter (alisonginter@delta.edu) A003 9121
  PTA Club Chris Hausbeck (christopherhausbeck@delta.edu) F263 9316
  Sigma Kappa Delta Crystal Starkey (crystalstarkey@delta.edu) S002 9534
  SOHL - Society of Hispanic Leaders Monica Hernandez-Alaniz (monicahernandez@delta.edu) D126 9324
  Sociology in Action Donna Giuliani (donnagiuliani@delta.edu) F218 9280
  Student Athlete Advisory Board Dionne McCollum (dionnemccollum@delta.edu) A003 9477
  Theater Beth Heyart (bethheyart@delta.edu) G104 9248
  Unison Alison Ginter (alisonginter@delta.edu) A003 9121
  W.I.N. Women’s Inclusive Network Alison Ginter (alisonginter@delta.edu) A003 9121
  Youth Democrats of Delta Kim Klein (kimberlyklein@delta.edu) G123 9192
Collegiate (Student Newspaper) Collegiate Office (collegiate@delta.edu) A220 9337
Computer Lab LLIC (library@delta.edu) A110 9513
Complaints/Concerns Associate Dean Arts & Letters - JD Garn
Associate Dean Business & Technology - Susan Roche
Associate Dean Health & Wellness - Pete Fox
Assoicate Dean Science & Mathematics - Colleen Thomas
Associate Dean Social Science - Daniel Allen
Dean of Students - Jonathan Miller
Dean of Teaching & Learning - Martha Crawmer
Conduct, Rules & Regulations Dean of Students B136 9472
Conferences & Special Events Business Services (busoff@delta.edu) B116 9036
Co-op & Internships Academic Career Experience (ace_sl@delta.edu) A008 9474
Corporate Services Corporate Services (training@delta.edu) H Wing 989-758-3602
Counseling/Advising/Career Services Counseling/Advising (advise@delta.edu) D102 9330
Delta’s Closet (Career Clothing) Denise Beasecker (denisebeasecker@delta.edu) D134 9259
Dental Hygiene Clinic Dental Hygiene Clinic F140 9469
Disability Resources Disability Resources (disabilityresources@delta.edu) D102 9794
Dismissal Status Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Disputed Grades Grade Ombudsman (marciecarter@delta.edu) D102 9163
Diversity Director of Diversity & Inclusion (carlosmcmath@delta.edu) A003 9117
Dual Enrollment Patrick Tobin (patricktobin@delta.edu) H118 9673
Early Alert Marcie Carter (marciecarter@delta.edu) D102 9163
eLearning eLearning (elearning@delta.edu) J102 9401
Emergencies, Illness, or Injury Public Safety & Training (cops@delta.edu) N102 9111
Employment (Student) Career Development (careerdevelopment@delta.edu) D102 9072
Equity Compliance Equity Office(equityoffice@delta.edu) J101 9547
FERPA Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9449
Finances (student) Student Billing Office (studentbilling@delta.edu) B100 9333
Financial Aid Financial Aid (finaid@delta.edu) D101 9080
Fire Science /EMS Coordinator (firesci@delta.edu) M128 9020
Fitness and Recreation Fitness & Recreation Center (fitness@delta.edu) P110 9026
Food Pantry for Students Student Food Pantry A003 9474
Food Services Food Services (foodservices@delta.edu) N020 9035
Foundation Office Foundation Office (foundation@delta.edu) A013 9224
Grade Ombudsman Marcie Carter (marciecarter@delta.edu) D102 9163
Grades Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Graduation, Requirements & Applications Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Harassment Equity Officer (equityoffice@delta.edu) A002 9269
Honors Program /Honors Leadership Board Honors Office (honors@delta.edu) A009 9091
Incomplete Grades Course Instructor    
Institutional Advancement Executive Director B156 9225
Intercollegiate Sports Athletics Director (athletics@delta.edu) A003 9477
International/Intercultural Programs Academic Career Experience (ace_sl@delta.edu) A008 9474
Internet Courses eLearning (elearning@delta.edu) J102 9401
Internships Academic Career Experience (ace_sl@delta.edu) A008 9474
Intramural Sports Intramural Office A003 9331
Jobs, Part/Full-Time (Student) Career Development (careerdevelopment@delta.edu) D102 9072
Judicial/Due Process Dean of Students B136 9472
Library Learning Information Center (LLIC) Library (library@delta.edu) A110 9560
  Testing Center (testingcenter@delta.edu) A133 9182
  Computer lab A110 9513
  Teaching Learning Center (tlc@delta.edu) A110 9314
Lost and Found Public Safety & Training (cops@delta.edu) N102 9113
Midland Center (See Maps in this section) Midland Center Midland 495-4010
Multi-Cultural Services Student Diversity & Inclusion Director (carlosmcmath@delta.edu) A003 9117
Non-Emergency Calls Public Safety & Training (cops@delta.edu) N102 9113
Orientation for New Students Admissions (admit@delta.edu) H100 9093
Parking Public Safety (cops@delta.edu) N102 9113
Payment Plan (Tuition) Student Billing Office (studentbilling@delta.edu) B100 9333
Personal/Career Advising Counseling/Advising (advise@delta.edu) D102 9330
Planetarium & Learning Center
(See Maps in this section)
Planetarium (planet@delta.edu) Bay City 667-2260
Police/Campus Security Public Safety & Training (cops@delta.edu) N102 9113
Jail (Corrections) Academy Police Academy N102 9176
Police Academy Police Academy N102 9176
Possible Dream Program Possible Dream Coordinator (possibledream@delta.edu) A003 9185
Probation Status Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Public Information Marketing & Public Information (leannegovitz@delta.edu) B155 9490
Records (Student) Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Recreation Fitness & Recreation Center (fitness@delta.edu) P110 9026
Recycling Sustainability Office (sustainability@delta.edu) B163 9209
Registrar’s Office
Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Registration Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Residency Qualifications Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Rights, Student Dean of Students B136 9472
Saginaw - Delta College Downtown Saginaw Kristy Nelson, Director of Learning Centers Saginaw 752-7500
Security, Campus Public Safety & Training (cops@delta.edu) N102 9113
Service-Learning Service Learning (ace-sl@delta.edu) A008-WCL 9474
Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship Skilled Trades (skilledtrades@delta.edu) M128 9476
Sports, Intercollegiate Athletics Director (athletics@delta.edu) A003 9477
Sports (Intramural) Intramural Office A003 9121
Teaching/Learning Center Services LLIC Teaching/Learning Center (tlc@delta.edu) A110 9314
Testing Center Testing Center (testing center@delta.edu) A133 9182
Textbooks & Class Supplies Bookstore (bookstore@delta.edu) N015 9030
Traffic Regulations & Violations Public Safety & Training (cops@delta.edu) N102 9113
Transcript Requests Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Transfer Credit Acceptance Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305
Transfer to Another College Counseling/Advising (advise@delta.edu) D102 9330
Transferability of Delta Courses Counseling/Advising (advise@delta.edu) D102 9330
Tutoring LLIC Teaching/Learning Center (tlc@delta.edu) A110 9314
Veterans Benefits, Certification & Information Veterans Services Office (vets@delta.edu) A008 9465
Volunteer Services Service Learning (ace_sl@delta.edu) A008 9474
Withdrawal from College Registrar’s Office (regis@delta.edu) B100 9305